“I began to really fall in love with nursing when I joined the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, working in the Trauma Unit.”

Sister Shamela Amos has been a Nurse at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa for over 25 years. Born and raised in Landsdowne, Sister Amos took a gap year after Matric at a time in the country when tertiary education was not easily accessible to all South Africans.

“I believe I was drawn to Nursing, not as a career goal, but as a natural calling. After my gap year, I studied a four year Child Nursing Science Course at the Nico Malan Nursing College – one of the only institutions that would allow people of colour at the time.”

During her training, she did her community service at Groote Schuur Hospital and various other medical institutions in the Western Cape. On completion, she started her career at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital working in the Trauma Ward. She describes this period as overwhelming for a newly qualified Nurse being exposed to patients.

“The beauty of working with children is that they want to get better.”

“The real kickstart to my Nursing career and when I began to really fall in love with it was when I joined the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, working in the Trauma Unit.  Children are life and I am passionate about children. The beauty of working with children is that they want to get better. I have seen a child have a major operation today and be so lively the next day. I worked at the Trauma Unit for years and here I also learned about The Children’s Hospital Trust. Dr. Bas, who headed the Trauma Unit at the time, was part of the medical professionals who assisted with the inception of the Trust. His daughter helped design the Trust’s logo.”

Sr. Amos shared how much the Hospital has changed between now and then. From huge structural changes to accommodate the growing number of children needing the Hospital, to the incredible diversity of children and cultures now coming from all over the African continent to receive the best healthcare possible.

“The incredible history and growth of the Hospital rests on the selfless donors of those who contribute through The Children’s Hospital Trust as much as it does on the medical and administrative professionals who work there.”

“I now work at the Day Surgery Unit at the Hospital where the donations from the Children’s Hospital Trust help us to give life-saving surgeries.  For me, it’s not just a workplace, it’s the right place – because of what it means to people out there in the country and beyond. “

Sister Shamela Amos