“Georgina was diagnosed with stage 4 Liposarcoma cancer – a rarely curable disease.  We are still in complete shock.” 

4-year-old, Georgina is a ray of sunshine and a playful girl who loves making cookies on out of play dough. Unfortunately, in May 2018, her life drastically changed as she was diagnosed with Liposarcoma (rare cancer that resembles that of fat cells in soft tissue).

“My daughter suddenly started to complain about pains in her leg and I noticed that it started swelling rapidly. I immediately took her to the clinic in Knysna to have her leg examined. They referred us to the Knysna Hospital for an x-ray and I became very fearful. The results showed “solids” inside of her bone that looked like blood clots. They immediately rushed us to George Hospital to have a sonar taken as it they suspected that the “solids” may be cancerous.”

“Again, we were referred, but this time to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. After further tests, the doctors told me the news – they had diagnosed Georgina with stage 4 Liposarcoma cancer.  I was in complete shock and we spent the first few months in the Oncology Ward while she received life-saving treatment.”

Georgina and her family’s lives have changed drastically and they are still learning to adapt to a new way of life.  Georgina is currently on a one-year chemo-treatment plan, spends hours at a time in the Oncology Unit and is looking forward to the expanded facilities to receive the best possible medical care at this dreadful time in her life.

“We are extremely happy that the Oncology Ward is being upgraded.  There will be much more space and our children will be able to stay in the Hospital a bit longer which will prevent infection and other viruses that they might pick up outside,” says Georgina’s mother