“I was 2 months old, boiling water was poured over me and this gave her more than enough reason to take me.”

 In 1987, my parents were renting space at my aunt’s place in the Bokaap in Cape Town and when I was just 2 months old, my mother had to go back to work so I had a nanny to look after me.  One day, the nanny decided to pour boiling water from the kettle all over me.  But the horror did not stop there – she then took me and left the house without a word.

My parents were distraught and after days of no news from the police or the community, my mother decided to take matters into her own hands.  She eventually traced the nanny to a house in Khayelitsha and in the middle of the night forced her way in, interrogated the nanny, and rescued me.

“My kidnapper said that she stole me because she couldn’t have children.”

My body was in a shocking state with open, bleeding and infected wounds, I was undernourished and had a serious bronchial infection, so I was rushed to the Emergency Centre of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.  My chances of survival were extremely slim.  The Imams prayed and recited at my bedside all day and all night for months and with the help of the incredible doctors and nurses, I spent the next year recovering at the Hospital.”

As an active, slight young boy, it was understandable that I would be admitted to the Hospital a few times in my childhood and I am incredibly grateful for the level of healthcare the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital offer me and continues to offer our children.”  Mujahid George

Mujahid George is a South African R&B and pop artist as well as an actor.  He has recently joined The Children’s Hospital Trust as a proud Ambassador supporting the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.