In South Africa, 1 in every 500 babies is born with Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal genetic condition and largest single cause of intellectual disabilities.

National Down Syndrome Day is observed annually on the 20th of October to dispel myths associated with Down Syndrome, such as: ‘people with Down Syndrome do not live very long’ or ‘people with Down syndrome cannot achieve normal life goals’.

The Development Assessment Clinic at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital offers information and advice through its Toy Library. The Toy Library provides early intervention for children with intellectual disabilities, such as Shaylin.

Shaylin is a charming and energetic 3-year old who was successfully treated at the Hospital for pneumonia and tuberculosis.  She visits the Toy Library along with her mom who says, “the Hospital has been great. I’m learning so much about how to handle my daughter and what to do in some circumstances”.

For more information on Down Syndrome and support, contact the Toy Library on 021 689 1519.