‘’The doctors rushed him into surgery to see if pieces of bone had pierced his brain”

 Nokuluga’s 11-year old grandson, Sibabalwe, was playing with friends in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town when one of them mistakenly hit him in the forehead with a golf club causing severe trauma to his skull.

“Sibabalwe was in such agony that we immediately took him to Mitchells Plain Hospital where they gave him injections to help with the pain while calling an ambulance.”  Nokuluga and her grandson were then rushed to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for immediate examination by the doctors in the Trauma Unit at the Emergency Centre – the only Emergency Centre in South Africa dedicated to children.

‘’The moment we arrived at the Hospital I felt very comfortable. The doctors did not take long to help Siba. As soon as we got there, they attended to him and they immediately rushed him up to the operating theatre for surgery. The doctors explained that the urgency of the surgery was because if pieces of his skull had fragmented, they could have lodged in Siba’s brain, which of course is very dangerous.

‘’His recovery has been slow, but I am grateful for what the doctors and nurses have done. I remember the pain being so terrible for him and now it has completely gone.  I am usually a calm person, but this was a great shock.  Apart from some scarring. Siba will be fine and I am glad that he won’t feel any more pain.’’ Nokuluga Mjagu