Emeritus Professor David Beatty passed away suddenly on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 August – a tragic loss for The Children’s Hospital Trust, The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, and for so many others.

In 1994, Prof Beatty helped in the development of the Children’s Hospital Trust and played a huge role in the success the Trust is today. He chaired the Trust for four years and was an active trustee for our organisation’s entire history. His fellow founding trustees, Chris Niland and John Bester who worked closely with him at the Trust for the past 24 years, spoke of him as the Father of the Trust.

He was a retired Emeritus Professor of the Department of Paediatrics and Clinic Child Health, University of Cape Town (UCT) who studied medicine and paediatrics at UCT. Apart from two working / studying years at Rochester New York in the 1970s and Boston in the 1980s, he had been attached to UCT and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Prof Beatty was appointed as Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health in 1990 and retired in 2006.

Trust CEO, Louise Driver described him as kind, caring, wise, supportive and undoubtedly liked by everyone. She spoke about Prof Beatty being an incredible man, always trying to help and always showed concern for everyone’s personal well-being. He was also a dedicated sportsman, cycling for the Trust Charity Cape Town Cycle tour team each year and an avid golfer who represented the Trust at all our fundraising golf days.

He was an effective facilitator and insightful counsellor, mentor and friend to many – whose sudden death is truly devasting for so many people whose lives he touched. The Trustees and Trust team will miss him dearly.

We will be hosting Dave’s memorial on behalf of his family on the lawns of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital on Friday 24 August at 14h00. For more details, please call the Trust office on 021 686 7860.